HTC One M9 is a best of a device. It has some really good features along with a really well built body. It feels premium and has a good processor too. Because of a very solid configuration, it delivers a really awesome performance.

However, Androids generally have a tendency of getting slow no matter how good the hardware is. Actually after some period of time, due to extensive use Androids slow down resulting in a laggy experience that makes using the device a bit difficult and unpleasant.

But there is a way to make Android as fast as it once was. The method is to factory reset the device. Actually when we factory reset the device it goes back to the original condition in which it was when you purchased the device. It will be hell fast but factory resetting the device will remove all your data. So you should backup the data before doing factory reset.

Today we will discuss Factory reset on HTC One M9. To factory reset it, just follow our guide and you will be easily able to do that.

1. Open the Settings app on your HTC device.

2. Now go to Backup and restore option. 

3. And here selct the reset phone option

Now you will have to go through a few menus before you can easily reset your HTC one M9.

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